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KickStarter Lock Picks, eBook and Lockpicking Videos | Mr. Locksmith Blog

KickStarter Lock Picks, eBook and Lockpicking Videos | Mr. Locksmith Blog For further information go to: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1895242525/mr-locksmith-high-performance-picks-how-to-pick-lo  Hi, I’m Terry Whin-Yates from Mr. Locksmith. I’m a third-generation locksmith. I have a criminology degree. I’ve been in the locksmithing business for over 35 years. When I was in kindergarten I was making sets of picks out […]

3 Ways You Unknowingly Invite Burglars into Your Home

Though you may not realize, many of the steps you take as part of your daily routine may actually make you more susceptible to burglaries. Here are 3 ways you unknowingly invite burglars into your home. Image Source: Flickr Noticeable Consumption We get it, you are proud of your acquisitions and your possessions. There is […]

3 Ways to Strengthen Your Doors

There are many precautions you can take to boost your home security and ensure that your home is safer. In this short post we’ll cover 3 simple and effective ways to strengthen your doors, including: reinforcing the strike plate, improving the locks and securing your door hinges. Image Source: Flickr Reinforcing the Strike Plate To […]

Repairing Locks on a Bell Helicopter

Repairing Locks on a Helicopter | Mr. Locksmith Blog. For futher information go to Mr. Locksmith Automotive. Randy had a fun job the other day repariing locks on a Bell Helicopter. The Helicopter has 5 locked compartments and 3 of the locks needed to be reparied or replaced. It is not everyday we get to make […]