3 Comparison of the Best Outdoor Security Cameras

Outdoor security cameras can be one of the best options for keeping an eye on your property. These article will introduce you to a number of popular brands, such as: Foscam, ADT and Loftek cameras.

Below are 3 comparisons of the best outdoor security cameras:

Foscam Camera
This Foscam camera has one of the easiest connection setups. All you do is scan the camera’s QR code with your smartphone and it is connected. You have the option as to how you’d like to store your video footage: on a hard drive or using the Foscam Cloud service for remote storage. Included with your purchase is a free trial of Foscam Cloud so you can see if you like it before you pay for it. The camera is weatherproof making it a great fit for the outdoors. Source: Asecurelife

ADT Camera
ADT offers the OCR-810 day/night wireless security camera, compatible with the company’s Pulse home automation package. The ADT Pulse® package provides one indoor and two outdoor cameras, but you can connect up to 10 cameras to your system. The OCR-810 requires a solid, secure wireless connection to speak to the Pulse system. An ADT monitoring Wi-Fi extender may help to increase the range of your wireless signal. The camera also requires an AC power source.
The motion-activated camera records clips in 30-second segments and stores them on ADT’s secure WPA2-encrypted server for 30 days. You can also select preset recording times and take advantage of 24/7 monitoring through ADT monitoring’s fully staffed monitoring centers. Source: Safewise

Loftek Camera
Loftek focuses on the development, design and manufacturing of consumer surveillance and security product, including a range of high-quality security cameras that are designed to withstand outdoor environments and deliver exceptional day/night video performance even in complete darkness.

  • Wired and wireless models
  • Motion detection can be integrated into and alarm/alert system
  • Wide angle lenses and distance viewing Source: Safesoundfamily

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