3 Tips in Securing Home Basements

Home basements can be an easy entry point for burglars. Fortunately, we’ll share some important tips to remember in securing home basements.

Below are 3 tips in securing home basements:

Light Up
Homes that are well-lit are great at deterring burglaries. You should position lights just above the basement windows or near them. And also keep them lit after dark. If you are often late from work and have no one to turn on your home’s lights, go for light timers. You can also consider home automation services. With home automation, you can easily turn on your home’s lights remotely. Another important point to remember is hiding your valuables. Don’t leave expensive items near the windows where they can be easily seen from outside. Source: Excite.com

Lock Windows and Doors
This may seem like a no-brainer, but many homeowners neglect to take this most basic step in home protection (an estimated 40 percent of break-ins occur without the use of force), so if you’re going to forgo an electronic security system, use those deadbolts, latch those windows tight and place a strong dowel or rod on the back track of your sliding glass doors if you have them.
And if your windows are due for replacement, consider smart, security-minded window options such as Verilock. Collaboration between leading window and door manufacturer Andersen and Honeywell, the Verilock system includes tiny, battery-operated wireless sensors that are integrated into a range of Andersen windows and doors. If a door or window is left unlocked (or left open), the homeowner is alerted immediately via smartphone or tablet. In addition to security, a much-welcomed bonus of the Verilock system is energy savings, as a locked window is more efficient than an unlocked one. Source: MNN

Security System
A home security system is a great way to protect your basement whether you’re home or away. It can act as both a further deterrent to make sure burglars stay away, and in case they do, it will make sure you, the neighborhood and the authorities are alerted. Place a window decal on these windows to let the would-be burglar know that your house is armed! With SimpliSafe, you can add an entry sensor to the window or a glass break sensor in the basement. If the burglar does try to open your window now armed with an entry sensor, the alarm will trigger. If you have monitored alarm service, the monitoring company will give you a call and then can dispatch the police, and the siren will alert your entire neighborhood! The burglar isn’t going to stick around then! By installing a glass break sensor in your basement, the alarm will be triggered if a burglar breaks the window! Source: SimpliSafe

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