Car Breakouts: 3 Common Tips to Remember

There are many cause of car problems that might leave us stranded on the highway. Check out 3 of the most common car problem tips to remember.

If you don’t have a tester or charger at your house, places like Autozone will check it for free to make sure the battery is actually the problem and not the starter or alternator. If there’s any corrosion, clean that off with a metal brush. Unbolt the negative terminal first, then the positive. There might also be a ground wire that you’ll need to take off. Then, put the new one in. It’s that simple. Source: Complex


Fluid leaks
Evaporative emissions are caused by fuel volatility, or its tendency to change from liquid to gas. A rise in outside temperature can cause an increase in pressure in your gas tank, which must be vented to prevent the gas tank from deforming. They are vented from your gas tank into a charcoal canister on your vehicle, which absorbs the fuel vapor and stores it until the engine is started and the vapors can be purged. The evaporative system is much more than your gas cap; it’s a network of hoses, valves and canisters that manage evaporative emissions from your vehicle. Vehicles today need to detect a leak that is 0.02 inches in diameter. If such a leak is detected, the “check engine” light must turn on. Although a loose gas cap is a common culprit, don’t assume it’s the cap. If your vehicle is older, you may have a cracked hose, which is in essence a fuel leak. Source: Articles.ChicagoTribune

Advice on this subject is obvious — but the data show that a lot of motorists do not follow it. Get additional sets of keys and store them outside the car in your home and office. If you are going on a road trip, give a set of keys to another member of your party. And if you have a General Motors car, pay the $199 yearly subscription fee for its OnStar service, which allows OnStar operators to unlock your car remotely. (Another reason to subscribe is safety: The system will automatically notify emergency responders if your car is in a crash.) With free smartphone apps that you can download from the GM web site, you can unlock your car yourself through OnStar without having to call an operator. Source: CBSNews

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