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Locksmith Abbotsford BC: Welcome to Mr. Locksmith! We are a family owned & operated locksmith business. We specialize in helping residential & commercial clients with all locksmith and security issues.

Locksmith Abbotsford BC

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You can count on us for anything & everything from rekeying a lock to lending a helping hand when you are locked out of a home, business or vehicle. And, we’re available 24/7!  If you are looking for a skilled locksmith in Abbotsford give us a call.

We’re 100% bonded, licensed and insured! Sadly, there are many locksmiths who can’t say the same!  Is your current locksmith insured, bonded & licensed?  We would not be surprised if they aren’t.  We should also mention that each of our locksmiths has successfully completed the Mr. Locksmith training program.  Master locksmiths teach our industry-leading training program.  Our program has standards above government provided standards.  As a result of this, we can safely say that our locksmiths are the best!

24/7 Emergency Locksmith Abbotsford

We are available 24 hours a day!  Contact us if you need any locksmithing services. Call us now with your emergency to be put on our priority list!  One of our experienced locksmiths will be on their way to you right away!

Have you been locked out of your residence?  This is a common occurrence and we deal with this type of emergency all the time.  First step – call us!  You’ll have a licensed locksmith on their way immediately!  Almost all of the time we’re able to open up your locked door without doing any damage to your lock or door.  You will be able to get back into your house after our professional locksmiths have successfully picked your lock.  Picking your lock doesn’t cause any damage!

There is an alternative if your lock cannot be picked which involves drilling.  Obviously, this alternative will damage the lock, but there will be no damage to the door.  Our skilled locksmiths will be sure to have all of the necessary tools they need with them when they first get there, so you can be rest assured that you will get into your property. In the event that your property has been broken into, just contact us and we’ll dispatch someone right away!  We will dispatch a fully equipped licensed locksmith to your location any time, 24/7.

Give us a shout for any emergency problem you may have.  Once we know about your emergency situation, we are more than happy to provide a preliminary quote!

Residential Locksmith Abbotsford

Are you locked out, have a broken lock or need a home rekeyed? Whatever your residential locksmith needs, you’ve come to the best website! Contact our qualified locksmiths if you’re looking for help with up-to-date home security options available. Call us anytime (24 hours per day, 7 days per week) for any residential locksmithing service!

Mr. Locksmith White Rock BC. If you need a residential locksmith for your home in White Rock, give Mr. Locksmith a call. Our locksmiths are fully government licensed. Mr. Locksmith is insured and bonded, and all our Locksmiths have clear criminal records checks. So if your home or your condo, you have one door to worry about, or you have a house or an Airbnb, or you have a house with a rental suite, or you rented out a house, we can set up a simple just re-key your locks.

New Home Rekey Locks Abbotsford

You just bought a new home, re-key your locks. Start fresh, you know exactly what’s there. Also, we can tell you how your locks, if they’re any good, or if they need to be upgraded. We could re-key your locks. We can tell you what you should be doing to upgrade your security for your home. Give us a call. You should always start fresh. So just re-key your locks when you purchase a new home or move into a place. Now what we’ve been doing for some homes is kind of interesting.

Master Key Abbotsford

We are setting up, you have one master key fit the entire house. And if you have a rental unit, your master key will fit the rental unit, but the rental unit we key differently, and it will not fit your house. Also, we have one key will fit the whole house, and then for your main house, and for your kids, or whatever, visitors, guests, you can have one key fit upstairs but it will not fit the tenants. So you can have a master key. We call it an A key for one area, and the B key for the other area. We can actually key the master key as well as the A key and the B key will fit the garage or a laundry room. So it’s really limited by your imagination. Just because do you have a house with a tenant suite or an Airbnb, we can help you design that for a keyed system.

Keyless Lock Abblotsford

If you want to upgrade to a keyless systems, we have extensively tested all the different systems and you can see on our website we have lots information on keyless locks. Also, big thing to consider on your keyless lock, do you want it to integrate it into your home automation system? So if you have Alexa or Google or Apple, we can tell you the best locks to put in. Or some of these some alarm systems use a Z-Wave, so you can have Bluetooth, wifi, Z-Wave. Just tell us where you want to be, what you want to expand into, or how you want it to fit in. But the keyless locks are pretty good. Now I say keyless because you can use your phone, you can punch in a code. But as an emergency, if the batteries go dead, you can have a key. So you still have a key override system. There are a few systems out there without a key override. I like the key override, and when you get right down to it, I like the Schlage keyless locks. Schlage, different ways of pronouncing it. I like their electronic locks. I find them to be the most durable at the moment. They’re my favorite. So for your residential security, also we’re running across a lot of people with the front door has that fancy grip set. It’s an entrance set. Those have a limited lifespan. There seem to be breaking quite a bit.

Give us call, we’ll give you some different options on how to fix that, or what we can offer you to help you. So for residential locksmith service, give Mr. Locksmith White Rock British Columbia a call. We are here to help you.

Commercial Locksmith Abbotsford

Our team of professional locksmiths are experts at securing business properties.  Our licensed locksmiths truly care about how safe your White Rock, BC business is.  We are here to make sure your business property is secure. Contact us today to discover more information on the commercial security options we have to ensure the maximum security possible for your company.

If you are a White Rock BC business that requires high security locks & cylinders, alarm systems, master keys & master key systems, Von Duprin panic hardware, or any other commercial security solutions, you have come to the right place.

Our team of commercial security professionals are available to perform an in-depth security profile on your company.  This in-depth security profile will help identify your weak & strong security points and will offer options for improving the security of your premises.

Car Locksmith Abbotsford

Every one of our service vehicles is stocked with the most advanced tools and computers available to handle your automotive locksmith needs.  Our professional locksmiths will not cause damage when they get you into your locked car.  We can also replace car keys and replace old car ignitions.

If you have any of the following makes of car, truck or motorcycle, we should be able to make a new key for you: Acura, Audi, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet (Chevy), Chrysler, Citroen, Daewoo, Daihatsu, Dodge, Fiat, Ford, General Motors (GMC), Honda, Hummer, Hyundai, Infiniti, Isuzu, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, Landrover, Lexus, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mercury, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Oldsmobile, Peugeot, Plymouth, Pontiac, Range Rover, Renault, Saab, Saturn, Scion, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Volkswagen (VW), and Volvo.  Do not see your car make? That is not a problem! Call us anyway, we can likely still help you out. If you require a transponder key duplicated – you’ve come to the right place!  Even high security keys for Mercedes-Benz, BMW, etc. are not an issue in the majority of cases.  Limitations do apply, but contact us and we will let you know if we can help you!  Additionally, we can even repair broken flip keys and perform ECM re-flashing for Lexus and Toyota (this can save you hundreds of dollars).

Our skilled locksmiths are ready to assist you with your automotive locksmith situation!  All you need to do is give us a call!

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Call Mr. Locksmith Abbotsford Today for Professional Locksmith & Security Solutions in Abbotsford British Columbia!


Call Mr. Locksmith Abbotsford Today for Professional Locksmith & Security Solutions in Abbotsford British Columbia!


Abbotsford Locksmith BC

Abbotsford Locksmith BC