Mr. Locksmith™ is an ABLOY® Protec Authorized Dealer

Mr. Locksmith™ is an ABLOY® Protec Authorized Dealer. For further information go to Mr. Locksmith

In keeping with our tradition of offering the highest level of security to commercial and residential locations, Mr. Locksmith™ is an authorized Canada dealer for ABLOY® Protec locking systems.

About Abloy:

Originating in 1907, Abloy is well known throughout the world for their dedication and success when it comes to creating some of the most secure locks that are both drill and pick-resistant. Even their older generation lines are still proving to be exceptionally resistant to attempts at defeating the security that they provide. This places Abloy in a unique class of high security locking devices.

Notable Features of Abloy Lock:

One of the primary features of Abloy locks is their ability to be drill resistant. Most Abloy locks are constructed from hardened steel as well as offering thick anti-drill plates. Having their locks created completely from hardened steel sets Abloy locks apart from other manufacturers that utilize brass with hardened inserts for their construction. Many of Abloy’s locks also feature an anti-drill plate that is fully free-spinning. This will keep a drill from achieving penetration by being able to turn 360 degrees when coming in contact with a drill bit. The locks also feature other steel components and an anti-pull sidebar. For locks that are more prone to being attacked, a 1/4″ anti-drill plate is designed to protect the front of the cylinder. All of these features add up to the creation of locks that offer drill protection that you won’t find in other lock designs.

For environmental reliability, Abloy disk detainer locks feature a self cleaning design that allows dirt and other foreign matter to simply fall out of the lock upon key insertion or removal. With no exposed springs or areas for dirt build up, Abloy locks are designed to be used in exceptionally harsh environmental conditions without compromising their reliability. They also offer a padlock line that is IP68 certified (the highest IP rating). This Super Weather Proof (SWP) padlock line provides protection against liquids, salt, dirt, etc. even when used under extended pressure for extensive periods of time.

Additional Abloy Protec2 features include a master key system capability with 1.97 billion possible combinations that provide both security and convenience. There is also a new anti-wear system that will decrease the possibility of key tip wear even when the keys are subject to over tens of thousands of uses.

The Abloy Protec2 is the next generation of the Abloy’s highly successful Abloy Protec line of high security locks. These locks are similar in design to the original Abloy Protec locks but with some additional technical features for increased security. Within the keys, there exists a moveable element whose feature is to foil attempts at creating counterfeit keys. There is also a patent in place that legally forbids the creation of 3rd party key blanks. The original Abloy Protec patent will be valid until 2019, while the Abloy Protec2 patent is valid until 2031. Even after the patents are no longer valid, Abloy maintains a tradition of key blank control that has historically extended to their other security product lines.

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Prepping the door for installation of an Abloy Deadbolt, Door Reinforcer and Strike Plate (Vancouver Special)


Prepping the door for installation of an Abloy Deadbolt, Door Reinforcer and Strike Plate (Vancouver Special)





Abloy Deadbolt Vancouver Special with Door Reinforcer


Abloy Deadbolt Vancouver Special front view with Door Reinforcer


18″ Strike Plate with 3″ screws to secure the plate to the frame and studs to prevent kick-ins.


Abloy Deadbolt Vancouver Special front view with Door Reinforcer


Abloy Deadbolt front view