Security Strike Plate Burglar Proofing Your Home | Mr. Locksmith™ Abbotsford

Security Strike Plate Burglar Proofing Your Home | Mr. Locksmith Abbotsford

Security Strike Plate Burglar Proofing Your Home. Prevent break-ins by upgrading and strengthening your door frame,  deadbolt and door. Install a four-screw strike plate box, and how to beef up the lockset strike plate to protect your home. Door Security Plate, Door Reinforcement Plate, Dual Security Strike Plate, Door Security Devices with 5-1/2 inch to 6 inch Hole Spacing’s On Latch and Deadbolt, Between Door Jamb and Door. 

Security Strike Plate

  • Security Strike Plate is your defense against forced entry. This door strike is designed to replace the standard plate. Whether you have single or double locks, you can count on this dual security strike to be part of your home security instead of the standard latch and deadbolt strikes with one piece.
  • Door security device is constructed from mental steel with various finishes, not only does this door strike look good, it adds extra security to your home. Door strike is strong and durable, sure to last the test of time. 
  • Door strike features slightly taller latch and bolt openings with 2 strike holes for locks with 5-1/2 inch to 6-inch hole centers. H18″ dual security strike plate can strengthen or repairs wood jamb which had been damaged too. This security strike plate is long enough that it covers all the old wood and damage and looks nice too.
  • Strike Plates are the perfect solution for thicker door jambs, door plate features six 3 inch long screws attach the wall stud to make it much harder for a potential burglar to break into your home, adds extra security. The extra-long screws definitely secured the latch strike in place.
  • Four 3-in long screws provided for maximum security
  • For doors with deadbolt and handle set on 5-1/2-in to 6-in hole centers
  • Replaces standard latch and deadbolt strikes with 1-piece security
  • Fastens into jamb and door frame with screws


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Security Strike Plate | Mr. Locksmith Abbotsford

Hi, I’m Terry. And today we’re going to talk about a strike plate. Please subscribe to my video and please like my video because the likes really, really help us with YouTube. This is a really inexpensive way to fix up the strength of your doorframe. So what it is, we call it, this is 18 inches, six-inch centers and there are different versions, different colors. I like the white one. We put this on the frame of the door. So we’re going to install this. We put this on the frame of the door. I like the white ones because it’s mostly the frames are white. This is actually made by Don Joe but there’s a whole pile of different suppliers. Now, the important thing is, is the three-inch screws. What you want to do is when you, this thing has four. Get the three-inch screws to go all the way down. What it does is hopefully, you have a stud in the doorframe. I’ve seen a few without studs, that’s a different story. Once you get these screws all the way down, you’ve made this and it catches the stud and with this metal, you have made this door really, really difficult to kick in.

18-Strike-Plate-with-3-screws to-secure the-plate to-the-frame-and-studs-to-prevent-kick-ins

18″ Strike Plate with 3″ screws to secure the plate to the frame and studs to prevent kick-ins.

Then we have other solutions like a good deadbolt and a wraparound plate. I have other videos on that but I saw a door the other day that actually, the fire department had to break in and the frame held. It was a really good deadbolt and it didn’t have the wraparound plate but it had this strike, this exact strike and they use their halogen bar and the frame was solid.  The door was totally ripped out but the frame held and the lock actually held. I imagine if we would’ve put on the security mag plate, I bet you the door would have held. So it would have been more difficult for the fire department but the fire department wouldn’t eventually get in, no problem at all. They got, they got all the toys, but your average burglar and thief, they’re not really coming that prepared, maybe a large screwdriver or they’re putting their boots through it or their shoulder to it. If they’re stupid, they don’t know how to open it properly. So and the doorframe just, just cracks, it just splits wide open. So this is inexpensive. It’s easy to install. Let’s just go. I’m going to put one on a door right now. So here’s my 18-inch strike plate and it has 6″ centers. Here’s my door. And I’m going to put it on there. Now, there’s one heck of a gap in this door.


Mr. Locksmith Schlage B660 Mag Plate | Mr. Locksmith Abbotsford

Normally, I would chisel this flush, but because I just don’t want to take out any extra wood, and I got a heck of a gap there. So I just want to tighten it up. I’m just going to surface mount this. I know some people say, “Oh, you should chisel it out.” And normally we, I would, but this is such a gap. And sometimes it’s even more so I’m just going to surface mount this. Now, the first screw is just one inch. I’m just going to use this. So that’s just a short little screw just to sort of hold it in there. Now, what I’ll do is I’ll test the door to make sure it closes before I put the three-inch screws in. And that’s absolutely perfect. So now, cause it closes perfectly, all I’m going to do now is Now, I do this for two reasons. Sort of sometimes stop the wood from splitting but also you can break, a screw off installing it. And my granddad used to stick a little bit of oil on the end of the screws. My dad just used to lick them. So just to stop them because they get pretty hot going in so I just will start them. And again, snug. If you put, you can take these right into the stud, you’re going to suck the whole doorframe in. So again, just a snug. Let’s see how the door closes. So this is a nice install. Its surface mounted. I could easily chisel it in but so many of the new building construction, huge gaps. Huge gaps in the door. So this makes it tougher and it will show you from the inside now. Covers it up very nicely. Doesn’t rub. A perfect install. We got to put a new grip set on this. This is the Schlage sense. Now we’ve made it really hard to kick the door again, more difficult.

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Terry Whin-Yates is a 3rd Generation Locksmith with a BA (Hons) Criminology. He has 35 years of experience in the locksmith and security industry and is a locksmith trainer providing On-LIne and Hands-On locksmith training to people, businesses and Law Enforcement all across North America and Asia. Terry Whin-Yates‘ BC Security License is B4227.