Electronic Keyless Access Control for your AirBnB | Mr. Locksmith Blog

Electronic Keyless Access Control for your AirBnB | Mr. Locksmith Blog

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Electronic and Smart Locks for your AirBnb Property.

Mr. Locksmith Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt Lock


Most Mr. Locksmith Electronic Keyless Access Control and Smart Locks for your AirBnb Property use free app compatible with both Apple iOS and Android smartphones.

Electronic and Smart Locks for your AirBnb Property makes daily life easier and more convenient. Enter an access code on the touchscreen to unlock the door instead of searching your pockets for keys. Pairing the lock with your smartphone over Bluetooth® is as easy as pairing your phone with your car, and the free Schlage Sense app makes setting up and using the lock as simple as checking email. Share access with trusted friends and family with just a few taps – no more keeping track of spare keys

Electronic code locks: You can bypass physical keys by installing an electronic lock that opens the door with a code number. Most models allow you to program multiple user codes making it easy to create and delete unique codes for you Airbnb guest.  The benefits are that you can manage and customize access to your Airbnb. Furthermore, it saves you from losing keys, forgetting passcodes and one-time emergency access codes can be pre-programmed into the Smart Lock.

Electronic door locks are typically battery powered with a battery life of around 2 years depending on use. If the batteries run out you can always a mechanical key to allow access. Some models have an exterior 9 Volt battery hookup to allow emergency power. Most models give an audible beep before the batteries go dead allowing approximately 80 openings depending on use. Note: only use quality brand name alkaline batteries. Mr. Locksmith highly recommends Duracell batteries.

How Secure Are Smart locks?

How Secure Are Smart Locks?: Any Smart Lock we recommend is protected with 128-256 bit encryption and any and all data exchange is encrypted.

Mr. Locksmith has solutions from that eliminate the problems of remotely managing property access, including the expense and hassle of key rekeys, lost keys, copied keys, key exchanges and the disruption of early check-ins and overstays and eliminates the security risks of unauthorized access. Ask us about volume pricing and integration for multiple property owners.

  • Allows travelers the ability to self-check in whenever they need to using Mr. Locksmith Smart Locks
  • Provides alerts for lock usage
  • Lets hosts set permissions for service staff
  • Allows direct guest code extensions for late checkouts, code removals for cancellations, and additional updates for security management.
  • You can open the door for your guest from a remote location.
  • Smart locks continue to function even without a WiFi or Bluetooth connection. Most models can  be opened the old fashioned way with a traditional mechanical key
  • Manage your Smart Locks from anywhere.
  • WiFi and Secure Blueto0th connected Smart Locks.
  • Receive emails or text messages when your guests arrive or anyone accesses your property. Manage your Smart lock from any laptop or smartphone, view access history, and create guest-codes from anywhere.
  • Emergency one-time use codes or one hour to 24 hrs access.
  • Get notified when renters come and go.

The most advanced Electronic Keyless Access Control and Smart Lock recommended by Mr. Locksmith for AirBnB depends on your needs, requirements, and number of doors.

  • Lock and unlock your door, control keyless access, and keep track of who comes and goes, all from your phone.
  • Never worry about losing keys again.
  • Say goodbye to delivering and collecting keys.
  • No more hiding keys.
  • Lockboxes are vulnerable to theft.

Most Mr. Locksmith Electronic and Smart Locks for your AirBnb Property use free app compatible with both Apple iOS and Android smartphones.

Mr. Locksmith Schlage Sense Smart Lock App


* Remote operation requires Internet access.

**Operate and program the lock remotely with an Apple TV®, Amazon Alexa, or Honeywell in the home. For best results, the lock should be within 40 feet of an Apple TV® for remote capability.

***When paired with a third-party home automation or alarm system (Honeywell, etc.). Some fees may apply.


Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt

One of my favorite Smart Locks is the Schlage Sense Deadbolt.

  • Illuminated touchscreen
  • Control while away from home
  • Low battery warning
  • Access code memory capacity 30 to Unlimited depending on Smart Lock Access Control System.
  • Built-in alarm sensors; senses potential attacks and can issue an alert
  • Programmable with your smartphone
  • Bluetooth 4.0 (128-bit encryption)
  • Wi-Fi Compatible with Adapter
  • Mechanical Key Override
  • Free App

Most Electronic Keyless Access Control and Smart Locks will work with Home Automation software (Honeywell, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKitTM, etc.).

We have other Smart Locks and Electronic Keyless Access Control for your AirBnB email [email protected] or call Mr. Locksmith today.

  • Electronics bring more visibility and control to the opening
  • Reads high-security smart (13.56 MHz) as well as proximity (125 kHz) credentials
  • Built on proven Schlage ND-Series, Grade 1 mechanical lock


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