Vessel Cordless Hi-Speed Screwdriver | Mr. Locksmith Abbotsford

Vessel Cordless Hi-Speed Screwdriver: The Vessel Cordless Screwdriver is a high quality tool and charges quickly. The charge lasts easily for several days of use. However, very low torque but easy to switch to manual. It is a good tool that has a use between a manual screwdriver and my Milwaukee M12 Cordless Screwdriver. Vessel […]

2023 Hands-On Locksmith Class Langley BC

2023 Hands-on Locksmith Class | Mr. Locksmith™ Upcoming Classes in LANGLEY, BRITISH COLUMBIA CANADA May 23-26, 2023 (Tuesday to Friday, 10am – 3pm) email: [email protected] June 12-15, 2023 (Monday to Thursday, 10am – 3pm) July 10-13, 2023 (Monday to Thursday, 10am – 3pm) Sept 18-21, 2023 (Monday to Thursday, 10am – 3pm) Oct 23-26, 2023 (Monday to Thursday, […]

2000 Hummer H1 Broken Ignition | Mr. Locksmith Abbotsford

2000 Hummer H1 Broken Ignition: In 1992, AM General began selling a civilian version of the M998 Humvee vehicle to the public under the brand name “Hummer”. The first two Hummer H1s to be sold were purchased by Schwarzenegger. 2000 Hummer H1 Broken Ignition Mr. Locksmith™ Abbotsford #mrlocksmithabbotsford #locksmith #locksmithtraining Question: Why does the GM […]

Mr. Locksmith™ YouTube Membership Channel

Mr Locksmith YouTube Membership Channel:   Mr Locksmith Membership Channel | Mr. Locksmith™ JOIN MR. LOCKSMITH™ YOUTUBE MEMBERSHIP CHANNEL TO GET ACCESS TO MEMBER ONLY PERKS: Note: Videos are just being uploaded now. Lots of new content hourly and daily. I am very excited to announce I have decided to have a YouTube membership […]

How to Rekey Lock Schlage Deadbolt | Mr. Locksmith Abbotsford

How to Rekey Lock Schlage Deadbolt: A rekey is when the internal mechanism of the lock is rearranged or recoded to match a new set of keys. This is basic security work and every locksmith should be able to do this quickly and affordably. A rekey means that the old keys, including the missing or stolen […]

Mr. Locksmith Basic Rekey Tool Kit | Mr. Locksmith™ Abbotsford

Mr. Locksmith Basic Rekey Tool Kit: People ask me what do I use for my locksmith tools. So I am going to be showing off my locksmith tools every now and then. When I go to the job site, I just take the little lab kit. Lock Change For On-line and Hands-on Locksmith Training Dates and […]

How To Fix a Sticky Lock | Mr. Locksmith™ Abbotsford

How To Fix a Sticky Lock: If you have a sticky lock, whether it’s on your house, your business, a padlock, or your car door, a car ignition is different, if you have a sticky lock, there is a couple of solutions you can do. Mr. Locksmith will help you with sticky locks in the video […]

Locked Keys In Car | Mr. Locksmith Abbotsford

Locked keys in car: What should I do? Call Mr. Locksmith. In the old days, I would use a slim jim to open 99% of the cars with no damage. It’s  quick and easy. However, there are very few cars that I can use the slim jim on so we have to use other tools […]

Hands-On Locksmith Class Langley | Canada 2021

Hands-On Locksmith Class Langley BC | Canada September 2021: The Hands-on and On-line Locksmith course provides you with a comprehensive knowledge of the most popular Locks and Lock Picking. Mr. Locksmith Training Website Hands-on Locksmith Training Langley | Mr. Locksmith Call or TEXT Terry Whin-Yates at 1-604-773-5625   email: [email protected] Note: Camping August 01-15, 2021 maybe a little […]

Snap-On, Snap Ring Pliers for Locksmiths

Snap Ring Pliers for Locksmiths Mr. Locksmith Abbotsford (604) 200-8622 For further information go to Hi, I’m Terry from Mr Locksmith Training, and this video is going to be about a snap ring pliers. If you do not have this tool it is going to be a pain in the butt for rekeying or repairing some […]